AP: High Court Upholds Abu-Jamal Conviction; Black Militants Still Have 'Free Mumia' to Fall Back On

AJE: Israeli Army Won't Shoot Messenger, Will Shoot Medic According to Reports

CNN: South African Leader Has Corruption Charges Dropped; South African Leader Not Mandela


FG: Finally: Thunder and Lightning Give Us Tickets to the Gun Show

ESPN: Class Act: OU's Courtney Paris Decides Her Word is Still Worth $64K

AP: A Fellow By the Name of Jordan and Others Make NBA Hall of Fame

Bossip: Was Gonna Talk Chrihanna, But T-Boz Ethering People Is Way More Fun

THR: CW May Re-Format Sitcom; More Likely to Extinct It

NYT: No One Like Gov. Paterson Anymore; Mama Says "I Beg to Differ!"

WP: Blacks at Odds Over Obama Scrutiny; Weird Because We All Think Alike

NYT: Senseless Domestic Dispute Leaves Three Officers Dead

BB: Like Father, Like Treasurer: Tim-Tim May Oust Execs at Banks Needing 'Exceptional' Aid


WSJ: Obama Urges EU to Accept Turkey; Member Nations Lukewarm, Cite Fear of 'The Itis'

AP:We Continue to Lose Our Way: Dad Killed Kids Because Wife Was Leaving

BET: Sisters Buried with Brother Who Killed Them; Buzz Completely Outdone

BBC: Reburial for Rwanda Genocide Dead

AJE: Sri Lankan Gov't Prefers K.I.A., Claims to Killing 'Hundreds' of Tamil Tigers

ESPN: Louisville Women Outlast Sooners, Only 38-0 UCONN Wrecking Crew Stands in Way

HP: U.S. Media Allowed to Show the Actual Cost of War; Foreign Press: "Where Y'all Been"?


DB: Mansfiend Frazier: Confessions of a Man Who Almost Went Postal

If you're keeping score at home, that's 7 of 10 headlines that have to do with death or dying, several of those being of a ludricrous or heinous nature. 7 out of 10.

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