Mom of Little Girl in Anti-Abortion Ad Demands Apology

Kristilyn Whigham
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What if you walked down the street and saw your child's face plastered on a controversial billboard?

That is exactly what happened to Tricia Fraser after her daughter Annisa's picture was used in an anti-abortion billboard in New York City. The billboard, which displayed the message, "The most dangerous place for African Americans is in the womb," made headlines recently when it popped up in the city's trendy SoHo neighborhood.


After learning of the photo, Fraser demanded an apology from the ad's creators, Life Always, but has yet to receive one. "They never answered any of my questions," she told the New York Daily News. "I would like some answers, some sort of apology."

While Fraser acknowledges that she signed a waiver allowing her daughter's image to be used as a stock photograph, she never imagined that it would be used for something so controversial. The photo was eventually taken down after several complaints, and the group stated that it would never use the girl's picture again.


Read more at the Daily News.

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