Mo. Woman Furious After Fried Chicken Allegedly Thrown Into Her Car; Police Investigating

Alexis Newsome via Facebook screenshot

A Missouri woman is sharing her outrage and pain after, she says, someone threw a piece of fried chicken through her car window while she was sitting in traffic minding her own business.

Alexis Newsome shared a heartfelt, tearful video on Facebook, detailing her experience, saying that she wants others to understand.


“I don’t want to have to explain this to my 5-year-old. This is not fair,” she said. “I was scared. I almost crashed into the car next to me. … I want people to understand what this feels like, what it’s like. It’s not easy living in this brown skin.”

Newsome said that she was waiting in the turn lane Tuesday afternoon when someone in a red pickup going in the opposite direction threw the chicken—which she says she first thought was an egg—through her window.

“I almost swerved and hit the car next to me,” Newsome said in the video. “A piece of fried chicken was thrown through my window; there is only one way to take this. This implies so much negative connotation.”


Newsome thanked the Manchester, Mo., Police Department, which she said was very compassionate through her entire ordeal, although sadly, she could not provide police with more information other than that the attacker was in a red pickup.

An officer, she said, helped her clean out her car and gave her a hug.

“I am asking for people just to listen, just to understand, just to hear me out. I just want you to know what this is like,” she said. “This is why some people are marching. This is why some people are kneeling. I don’t care if you don’t agree.”


Indeed, this is America in 2017, and this is the aggression that people in black and brown skin are told we have to put up with.

It’s a shame we can’t even drive down the damn street without looking over our shoulder.

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