Mo’Nique Wants Black People to Boycott Netflix. Will You Join Her?

@therealmoworldwide via Instagram video screenshot
@therealmoworldwide via Instagram video screenshot

Actress and comedian Mo’Nique has never been one to hold her tongue when it comes to addressing what happens behind closed doors in Hollywood. She is currently fed up with the streaming service Netflix, and she is asking the black community to join her in a boycott of the company.


Mo is accusing Netflix of color and gender bias after negotiations for her to do a comedy special on the service turned sour. She posted a video on her Instagram account Friday explaining why she was upset.

As she looked directly into the camera, Mo’Nique said the following:

Hey, my loves, I am asking that you stand with me and boycott Netflix for gender bias and color bias. I was offered a $500,000 deal last week to do a comedy special. However, Amy Schumer was offered $11 million; Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, $20 million. Then Amy Schumer went back and renegotiated 2 more million dollars because she said, “I shouldn’t get what the men are getting; they’re legends. However, I should get more,” and Netflix agreed.

When we asked Netflix to explain the difference, why the money was so different, they said, “Well, we believe that’s what Mo’Nique will bring.” We said, ‘What about my résumé?’ They said, “We don’t go off of résumés.” Then we asked them, “What was it about Amy Schumer?” And they said, “Well, she sold out Madison Square Garden twice and she had a big movie over the summer. Is that not Amy Schumer’s résumé?” And then Netflix said, “By the way, we believe Mo’Nique is a legend, too.” Why shouldn’t I get what the legends are getting? Please stand with me in this boycott of Neftlix. I love us for real.

I am not a Hollywood mover and shaker, but I have to admit that $500,000 probably would sound insulting to someone who has won an Academy Award. Saying that it sees her as a legend and then offering her that small amount of money seems a bit contradictory on Netflix’s part.

There is, of course, the argument that perhaps Mo’Nique is not “relevant” enough to warrant the big bucks. While there may be some truth to that from a Hollywood standpoint, she has fans who would tune in to watch her crack jokes, given the opportunity.


Even if Netflix wasn’t going to give her the same amount of money it gave Chappelle and Rock—or, hell, even Schumer—it could have still come up with more money than that.

We’ve seen Netflix waste money on shit like The Ridiculous 6 and that Wet Hot American Summer series, so clearly the company has it to spend.


And to be fair, both Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock got their deals after significant absences from the limelight.

So is Netflix guilty of race and gender bias? Or is Mo’Nique making a big deal out of nothing?


More important, will you boycott Netflix on her behalf?

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This kind of behavior is why Hollywood, including her black friends in the industry like Lee Daniels, stopped working with Mo’Nique. She is an entitled, ignorant woman who consistently bites the hand that feeds her. Netflix was being generous with their offer, because there’s no way Mo’Nique fans in 2018 would bring in half a million dollars of new subscriptions to Netflix.