Mo' Money: Chris Tucker Owes Uncle Sam $11 Million

Illustration for article titled Mo Money: Chris Tucker Owes Uncle Sam $11 Million

Comedian Chris Tucker is in hot water. Apparently he has not been paying taxes on all of that cash that he has been making. Tucker was one of the first black actors to break the $20 million-per-film barrier. He has been snubbing Uncle Sam to the tune of $11 million, having not paid taxes for 2001, 2002 and the years 2004-2006. The state of California already has a lien on his Los Angeles home for not paying $3.6 million in taxes. It looks as if America's favorite comedic actor may soon be starring in a horror film called Uncle Sam. Perhaps he should check in with his fellow superstar Wesley Snipes and see how not paying taxes is working out for him.



—Nsenga K. Burton

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