Misty Copeland on How She Ended Up in Drake’s ‘Nice for What’ Video

Misty Copeland is making boss moves.

In 2015 she charmed the world as the first black woman to become a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. She won the hearts of little black girls as the Firebird Barbie. And the ballerina made her foray into fashion four years ago when she partnered with athletic brand Under Armour.


But it doesn’t stop there.

Recently, Copeland launched her signature Misty Copeland Collection with Under Armour. The ballerina says that Prince—with whom she had the opportunity to work—helped develop her sense of fashion.


Prince would often say, “You need to dress like you’re in rock ’n’ roll, but I’d be like, ‘I’m a ballerina,’” Copeland told The Root. “I don’t think I’d be where I am had he not challenged me. Not just on the stage and as a performer, but fashionwise.”

And by now you’ve seen the ballerina twirling in Drake’s “Nice for What” video. Fun fact: Copeland is a “legit fan” of Drake’s.

Here’s how Misty Copeland got charmed into being in Drake’s music video. Watch the entire video above.

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I adore Misty Copeland; she too is an National Treasure.