They're unlikely to share the same tastes in music, but Missy Elliott and former first lady Barbara Bush do have something in common: They're battling the same thyroid condition.

In 2008, the rapper-producer was diagnosed with Graves' disease — a disorder which affects the thyroid — and she admits the symptoms came on so fast, she almost lost her ability to do everyday things like drive and write.


Like lupus, Graves' disease is an autoimmune illness and one that also is more common among women. The immune systems of Graves' disease sufferers attack their thyroids, causing them to produce more thyroid hormone than is needed. Symptoms often include eyes that appear to bulge, weight loss and muscular weakness. While there is no cure for Graves' disease, there are medical treatments to manage the symptoms.

Hopefully, Missy is following all of her doctors' orders so that we can all enjoy her musical genius for years to come.

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