Unless a miracle happens, “Johnson is scheduled to die by lethal injection at the state prison in Bonne Terre on Tuesday evening,” the Daily Beast notes.


In 2008, Johnson had a benign tumor on his brain and an operation left him without some 20 percent of his brain tissue. As such, Johnson has been intellectually disabled and in his current medical state, his planned execution could cause Johnson violent and painful seizures.

Protestors have called the execution cruel and unusual punishment.

From the Daily Beast:

His attorney has already exhausted all options to spare him. The Missouri Supreme Court last month shot down the defense’s argument that Johnson is intellectually disabled, ruling that while IQ tests do show sub-average intelligence, he proved fully capable of planning the robbery and murders at the Casey’s General Store in 1994.

Johnson’s attorney, Jeremy Weis, said the court’s ruling was riddled with “legal and factual errors” and that Johnson “meets all statutory and clinical definitions” of intellectual disability. Weis argues that Johnson should be protected under the Eighth Amendment, which bars the execution of intellectually disabled people. He said IQ tests put Johnson’s intellect somewhere in the range of 67-77.


Last week, dozens of people protested outside of the Missouri Capitol, including the ACLU of Missouri and the state chapter of the NAACP.

There has been no word from Parson amid mounting pressure to stop Johnson’s execution.