Mississippi Mayor Offers Drug Dealers and Gang Members $10,000 to Get the Hell Out of His City

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If you’re a drug dealer, “wannabe criminal” (apparently the pros are exempt) or gang member in Clarksdale, Miss., now’s your time to cash out because Mayor Chuck Espy has $10,000 with your name on it.


In his efforts to eradicate crime in the city, Espy says you ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell up outta Clarksdale. Newsweek reports:

[The] Mississippi mayor is prepared to spend thousands of dollars of his own money in order to relocate criminals away from his city as part of innovative plans to reduce crime.

Clarksdale Mayor Chuck Espy told a press conference the moving assistance fund will be “as deep as the mayor’s pocket,” starting out at around $10,000.

The hope is that the money will persuade those who commit crimes to move away and start new lives.

Yes, you read that right. Espy just offered your weed man a hefty relocation package.

“We are talking directly to three groups of people. Drug dealers, gang members, and any wannabe criminals in the city of Clarksdale,” he said.

But Espy insists it’s not just about making his problem someone else’s. He believes these wayward souls just might not have the options and opportunities available to thrive in Clarksdale.

“They may be in the wrong environment,” Espy said. “It’s not to say you just want one criminal to move from one city to the next. They might just not have the good opportunities they need in this city.”


To the surprise of many, Espy’s unconventional methods appear to be working. In addition to beefing up his police department, Fox 13 reports homicides have dropped in the city from 12 in 2018 to only one so far this year. So if you want to stick around, you’ve gotta get with the program.

“We encouraged them to stay in our city and become great citizens,” Reverend John Givins said. “We will also be putting an etiquette class in place for these people. And we have skill sets to prepare them for jobs coming to the city of Clarksdale.”


Or you can just trade in your criminal record for a cool 10 stacks. The choice is yours.

“We want everyone in the city of Clarksdale to live safe, to be safe. We do not want to see a child dead in the streets,” Espy said. “We do not want to see an innocent bystander getting shot.”


Local businesses, corporations and philanthropists are encouraged to kick in on the mayor’s moving assistance fund.



Uhm, sure. I’m a wannabe criminal, absolutely. And I’ve already don’t live in your town, so you can just mail me the check. Cool? Cool.