Missing 5-Year-Old Girl in NYC Reunited With Family After Being Found Asking for Food

Essie Miller was seen on surveillance footage running toward a store in Queens, N.Y. (screenshot)
Essie Miller was seen on surveillance footage running toward a store in Queens, N.Y. (screenshot)

A New York City day care worker is facing charges of acting in a manner injurious to a child after she allegedly dropped off a 5-year-old girl at her home without checking to make sure that an adult was there to receive the child.


According to Fox5NY, Essiah Miller was found safe and sound, if a little hungry, at a supermarket in the borough of Queens on Wednesday night, asking for food.

The little girl walked into Three Brothers Meat Market in the Far Rockaway neighborhood around 6:30 p.m. An employee at the store contacted police after realizing that the child was alone.


Cops arrived and discovered that Essiah had been dropped off at her home by a day care worker, but an adult was not at home, and the child eventually wandered off in search of food.

Trimeka Crum, 35, was arrested and charged in the case.

Essiah, who was otherwise in good health, was handed over to the care of her guardian, an aunt.

Read more at Fox5NY.

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World's Moistest Jheri Curl

When I first read the headline my initial thoughts:

1. Why is the school responsible for the child making it home and not the parents?

2. If the parents have an approximate time for the child being dropped off - why wasn’t anyone home?

3. Why in the hell is a 5 year old in Daycare and not school?

Went to NYTimes and read an article about most parents cannot afford to enroll their children in school before kindergarten. That answered #3 but I’m still unsure about #s 1 & 2... if anyone can shed light on this please do