Minn. Man Arrested Despite Carrying ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card

Dakota County, Minn., Sheriff’s Office (Facebook)
Dakota County, Minn., Sheriff’s Office (Facebook)

A Minnesota man apparently likes to keep all his bases covered, carrying around a “Get out of jail free” card in the event he ever ran into a law-enforcement officer. ... Unfortunately, it did not work out for him over the weekend.


According to KARE, Deputy Mike Vai pulled over a car registered to someone who was wanted on a warrant and then saw that the passenger was not wearing his seat belt. When the deputy ran that man’s ID, he learned that the passenger was also wanted on a controlled substance warrant out of Ramsey County, Minn.

As the suspect was being searched, Vai discovered that he was carrying a “Get out of jail free” card that, yes, is used in Monopoly, the board game that has caused many a family fight.


According to the New York Post, the suspect told the officers that he kept the card on him “just in case.” But it did not work for him this time.

He was taken in and bail was set at $5,000 ... in real money, because of his outstanding felony warrant.

Now, a lot of details about this suspect were not given (though I’m sure many of us could hazard a guess as to who would have the gall to pull this kind of stunt with police), but perhaps, either which way, he’s lucky that the officers had a sense of humor.

The deputies actually shared a picture of the card on Facebook, adding that the suspect received an A for effort.


According to CNN, there is no updated information on whether that individual is still in custody or whether he managed to secure his release.

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He was taken in and bail was set at $5,000...in real money, due to his outstanding felony warrant.

If only he could have gotten more for his railroad...