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Minn. Bus Driver Uses Racial Slurs Before Kicking Kids Off Bus, Stranding Them

DeShanna Dotson (right) and her mother, Stacy Olson
WDAY Screenshot
DeShanna Dotson (right) and her mother, Stacy Olson
WDAY Screenshot

A Minnesota bus driver hurled racial slurs at a bunch of middle school students before forcing them off the bus and leaving them stranded in an industrial park in Moorhead, Minn.


Horizon Middle School student DeShanna Dotson told WDAY that the bus driver left her and about 20 students on a street around 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.

"He said, 'You guys can get off my bus and walk home. I'm not driving you guys home,’” DeShanna told the news station.


"He dropped them off in the industrial park," Stacy Olson, DeShanna's mother, told the news station. "It's not a safe area; there's no sidewalks to walk on."

The school was notified that students had been kicked off the bus around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"We did find that there were students that were misbehaving on the bus. I think the bus driver just kind of got fed up," Moorhead Schools Superintendent Lynne Kovash told the news station.

DeShanna told WDAY that kicking her and the other students off the bus wasn't all the bus driver did.


"He called us the 'n-word' when we got off the bus," said DeShanna.

"At no point, even if the children were bad, should they have been called any racist name," said Olson, DeShanna's mom. "If you can't control yourself for the little time you do drive the bus, then you shouldn't be working there."


The school system notes that the driver is a contractor and is not employed by Moorhead Schools and will no longer be driving with the school system.

"It makes your heart sink thinking of what could have happened," said Olson.

Read more at WDAY.

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