Milwaukee Police Chief Won't Release Video of Sylville Smith's Fatal Shooting

Sylville Smith

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn announced Thursday that he will not release the video of the fatal police shooting of Sylville Smith, giving a nod to the advice of the state's attorney general and local district attorney, the Associated Press reports.

According to the report, the state Department of Justice has completed its investigation into the Aug. 13 shooting, sending its findings to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm to make a charging decision.


Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel has said that the Department of Justice will not release any material until Chisholm makes a decision on charges or rules that the materials can be released. Schimel had previously acknowledged that two body cameras captured the shooting, about which authorities say the footage clearly shows Smith holding a handgun and turning toward the officer at the time that he was shot.

The fatal shooting Aug. 13 prompted two nights of fiery protests in Milwaukee after Smith was gunned down by a black officer following a brief foot chase.


Family members have said that Smith knew the shooting officer personally from high school. A source close to the family said that the officer had a "personal vendetta" against Smith.

“He didn’t like my brother. The officer had a career, but my brother was more popular. He used to harass Sylville," Smith's sister, Sherelle Smith, said.


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