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Milwaukee Man Charged in Sexual Assault of 101-Year-Old Woman

Sexual assault suspect Antoine Devon Pettis
Sexual assault suspect Antoine Devon Pettis

A 20-year-old Milwaukee man has been charged in the rape of a 101-year-old woman, whom he intended to rob, WISN12 reports.

Charges against Antoine Devon Pettis, 20, include burglary, aggravated battery and second-degree sexual assault for the early-September incident.

According to reports, the elderly woman woke up early on the morning of Sept. 1 after hearing noises. She went back to sleep before she later realized that the accused assailant was in her bedroom.


She told investigators that she was slapped multiple times before being sexually assaulted, according to the news station. She was unable to identify her attacker. However, DNA samples sent to the state crime lab revealed Pettis to be a potential suspect because they matched samples collected in a 2013 investigation.

According to WISN12, Pettis confessed to the crimes on Nov. 14, saying that he had, at first, planned to rob the elderly woman.


He faces more than 55 years in prison if convicted.

Milwaukee police Inspector Carrieanne Yerkes told the news station, “We’ve done our best to try to assist” the woman, whose name was not disclosed. “Being 101 years old, you don’t always have a lot of family left out there … she’s OK.”

Read more at WISN12.

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