I’m going to assume that white people are at least 18 months behind on everything regarding black culture, or those things that have been associated with it.


People have been doing the Nae Nae forever, but I’m sure, now that Cyrus has given it two thumbs up, it’ll become a mainstream phenomenon. 

Dear Black People:

Let’s stop doing the Nae Nae. Find a new dance, and give the others a few months to catch up.


I Keep Track of This So You Don’t Have To

P.S. (She’ll catch up to the Shmoney dance by January 2015.)

For the record, so far the Nae Nae, do-rags, twerking, cornrows, Timberlands, big butts and slang have been jacked. Check back next week; I’m sure I’ll have something new to share.