Mike Tyson's Daughter Succumbs to Injuries

MSN reports that Exodus Tyson, the 4-year old daughter of former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson has died after being involved in a hanging accident involving a treadmill at home. She had been in extremely critical condition since yesterday after being found by her brother and rushed to the hospital.

Michael Steele Runs a Tight Ship: RNC Accidentally Leaks Sotomayor Talking Points

According to The Hill, all the juicy talking points that the RNC was preparing to toss out regarding the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor have been released to influential party members, the Supreme Court and pretty much any member of the media with a computer. The talking points cover typical ground: the importance of the nomination, the GOP concerns over Sotomayor's ability to interpret law rather than make it. Interestingly, Sotomayor's ability to keep a secret has not been called into question.

Black Lawmakers Go on Hunger Strike for Darfur; People In Darfur Say Hunger is Overrated

Black lawmakers, including Rep. Maxine Waters, have begun a limited hunger strike to bring more attention to the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan BET reports. Lawmakers hope that 'Darfur Fast for Life' will raise public awareness while also compelling President Obama to address the situation. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus hope to meet with Obama as early as this week to discuss the matter, but with the North Korean missile tests, Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation and the fact Obama isn't particularly friendly with the CBC, it's unlikely that meeting will take place soon.