Mike Pence Doesn’t Bat an Eye Bashing North Korea’s Military Parade While Praising Donald Trump’s Parade

Vice President Mike Pence watches during the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium on Feb. 9, 2018, in Pyeongchang, South Korea. (Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

Vice President Mike Pence refuses to admit that President Donald Trump’s call for a military parade is really just a dick-measuring contest of presidential proportions.

Since Russian oligarchs all but awarded Trump the presidency, he’s been engaging in a game of chicken with arguably one of the world’s most unstable leaders, dictator Kim Jong Un. Earlier this week, Trump announced that he wants to have a fascist-style show of military force, much like the ones that Kim throws in North Korea.


And what do you know? Pence, aka the president’s KFC-bucket holder, is all for it! The funniest part is that with a straight face, he actually lauded the idea of a military parade in support of the military and denounced North Korea’s parades because that is how this administration rolls. It doesn’t live in a logical space; it lives in a space where a draft-dogging, bone-spur-having sexual predator can claim moral high ground and patriotism while lying next to a naked Vladimir Putin.

On Friday, Pence spoke to reporters in South Korea ahead of the opening ceremonies for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, where he was asked about Thursday’s military parade in North Korea. And, you guessed it, Pence bashed the North Korean celebration of force while praising your president’s proposed parade.

“I think any opportunity we have to celebrate the men and women of the armed forces of the United States is a great day,” Pence said, Yahoo! News reports. “I heartily support the president’s call to celebrate our military.”

Pence then called the North Korean parade “an ongoing provocation” and added, according to Yahoo! News:

Make no mistake about it, what we witnessed in Pyongyang, and we witnessed again yesterday, on the eve of the Olympics—what [South Korean] President Moon [Jae-in] said last night, he hopes will be an Olympics of peace—was once again an effort on the part of the regime in Pyongyang to display their ballistic missiles, to display a military that continues to make menacing threats across the region and across the wider world.

I think in the United States of America, just as in France—where the president was impressed on Bastille Day—we can celebrate our troops, not in any way ever be associated with the provocations of the North.


Add this to the growing list of hypocrisies coming from this administration. Pence proved a long time ago that his spine was bendable, and Friday’s comments just prove that he’s willing to ride the president’s greased nuclear weapon straight to hell no matter how stupid he sounds.

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