Michigan Woman Who Pulled Gun on Black Family Charged With Felonious Assault, Husband Fired From Job

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In this moment in time when white people are losing their minds and pointing weapons at Black people willy-nilly (as well as verbally assaulting them, calling the cops on them, and otherwise threatening their lives and well-being) here is an example of exactly what needs to happen to stop this bullshit: consequences.


Jillian Wuestenberg, the woman who pulled a gun on a Black woman and her daughter in a Michigan parking lot earlier this week, is now facing a maximum penalty of four years in prison for her actions.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard of Oakland County, Michigan announced on Thursday that Wuestenberg and her husband, Eric Wuestenberg, have both been charged with felonious assault, according to a report from the New York Times.

The female Wuestenberg was captured on video pointing a gun and screaming orders at Black people on Wednesday, in the latest example of white people deputizing themselves to act like officers and live out their homicidal fantasies.

Sheriff Bouchard said at a press conference announcing the charges that the couple had their guns with them when they were taken into custody.

“Any weapon that could cause serious and potentially deadly injury can be charged as a felonious assault,” he explained, adding: “Please let us all try to be that voice of calm in the storm, and remember each one of us is a human being that deserves respect.”


Meanwhile, Mr. Wuestenberg can now count his job as a casualty lost to his and his wife’s actions.

From the NY Times:

Oakland University in Michigan said on Thursday that it had fired Mr. Wuestenberg. He had been listed on the university’s website as a coordinator of veterans support services.

“We have seen the video and we deem his behavior unacceptable,” a university spokesman said in a statement. “The employee has been notified that his employment has been terminated by the university.”


Too bad, so sad. Also—hahahahahahaha.

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That explains why she’s holding the gun the correct way. Her husband’s a veteran and she probably is too.

Might be time to revisit the problem of the high prevalence of unstable racist a-holes in the military.