Michigan Professor Under Investigation Over Anti-Semitic and N-Word-Laced COVID-19 Conspiracy Tweets

Ferris State University Professor Thomas Brennan
Ferris State University Professor Thomas Brennan
Screenshot: ABC 13

A Michigan college professor has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into tweets that appear to show that, despite being a science professor, he hates science and has a bit of contempt for Jewish people. One thing he loves, though, is the n-word.


The Associated Press reports that Thomas Brennan, a physical science professor at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Mich., was put on leave last Thursday after the school’s student-run newspaper, The Torch, published a story about him that included screenshots of his controversial (to say the absolute least) tweets.

Brennan’s Twitter account is no longer public, but according to AP, in one of his tweets, he referred to COVID-19 as “another Jewish revolution.” And that’s really only the tip of the weird-ass iceberg of offensive things he has tweeted.

Not all of the screenshots published in The Torch reveal his bigotry. Some of them show that the professor of science doesn’t much care for the science behind the coronavirus pandemic and that he prefers baseless conspiracy theories instead.

“Guess what the covid stunt has failed,” Brennan wrote in one tweet. “You won’t get your leftist new world order.”

He also urged people to “Stand up for yourselves people, and stop falling for this coronavirus hoax!” In another tweet, he claimed the virus “is fake” and that “an evil medical system just killed a bunch of old people.”

He also appears to believe the whole “5G cell phones cause COVID” thing.

In one screenshot in which he appears to be responding to another tweet, Brennan wrote, “It’s partly because homeless people can’t afford cell phones—the main cause of covid symptoms I think.”


I’d just like to take this time to remind you this man is a science teacher.

Let’s move on to where the racism comes in.

“Quarks are fake, the Higgs Boson is fake, Black Holes are fake, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a worthless nigger, Dark matter is fake, Atom bombs are fake, Bill Nye is a worthless nigger, the Moon Landing is fake, Viruses are fake, Buss Aldrin is a worthless nigger, Anthony Fauci is…”


And that’s where the screenshot cuts off, but if I were to make an educated guess, I’d say he called Fauci a worthless nigger since that word appears to be a central feature of his bizarre rant.

A screenshot published by Fox 17 shows that Brennan also tweeted, “I love Jews and Niggers because they are my brothers and sisters.” (Nothing worse than a Kumbaya-ass bigot.)


You already know what his excuse is: It’s not racist because he calls everyone a nigger. (And we’re all supposed to just ignore that he called a Black man that first.)

“I believe the ‘n-word’ is a mind-control spell designed to make us hate each other,” Brennan said in the statement, AP reports. “I reject the premise that there are certain magic words that should never be used in any context or by certain people.”


Sure, Klan...I mean, Jan.


Apparently, Brennan’s excuse for using racial slurs revolves around him saying shocking things to draw attention to his point (whatever the hell that is).

In an interview with ABC 13, he defended his behavior saying, “I just have to speak out, to try to speak my conscience. I can’t be silent and watch this happen.” He was referring to what he believes is a COVID-19 “stunt” to create “a leftist new world order.”


“I did say some hyperbolic things to draw attention to what it is I wanted to say,” Brennan continued.

So basically, Brennan is every delusional dude-bro on Reddit trying to be edgy.

“I didn’t use [nigger] lightly,” Brennan told ABC. “But we’re heading towards such a crescendo of madness where we’re about to all be enslaved because of this COVID crisis.”


According to AP, David Eisler, president of Ferris State University, said Brennan was disciplined in August after he disrupted a virtual department meeting with his tin foil hat-worthy COVID conspiracy theory nonsense. But that’s nothing compared to his more recent offenses.

“Individually and collectively we were shocked and outraged by these tweets,” Eisler said in a statement. “They are extremely offensive and run counter to the values of our University and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”



From the linked article:

According to a student currently in Brennan’s class, he frequently talks about his conspiracy theories on cellphones in class. A rate my professor review said Brennan “has several conspiracy theories that he will spend most or all of lecture talking about instead of the material.”

Why was this guy allowed to continue to interact with students? Colleges need higher standards for their instructors, and it shouldn’t require a racist tirade to remove someone like this.