Michigan Family Target of Alleged Hate Crime After Shots Fired at Their Home, Rock Thrown Through Window

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In Michigan, a reward has been put out for information regarding a series of alleged hate crimes perpetrated against a Black family.


The Detroit Free Press reports that there have been three incidents in total at the Warren home of 55-year-old Candace Hall and 52-year old Eddie Hall. On both Monday and Thursday nights, shots were fired at the home, damaging it. On Wednesday, a rock was thrown through the front window of the home and the tires were slashed on three cars, with offensive writing being found on one of them. Luckily, no one was injured during any of the incidents. The police have issued a $3,000 reward for information on who may be responsible for the attacks.

“It’s obvious it’s the same person,” Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer told reporters at a press conference. The family has a Black Lives Matter sign in front of their home and Lt. John Barnes told reporters that “for whatever reason, the person that may have done this, they believe, may have taken exception to that sign.”

From the Free Press:

On Wednesday, 55-year-old Candace Hall and 52-year old Eddie Hall said a large rock was thrown through their kitchen window. Their 18-year-old son was also home at the time.

“I hit the floor, and I thought it was bullets, you know?” Candace Hall said. “So, I’m crawling on hands and knees to see if my son is OK and then my husband runs outside to see if he could catch whoever was doing this.”

Photos on Facebook show “terrorist,” “black lives matter,” “get the f—- out” and “not welcome” with a swastika written on their pickup truck.

The family understandably feels like the incidents have been a violation of their home. “Your home is your sanctuary. I cannot sit on my couch. A bullet is in the back of my couch. I can’t sleep in my bed because I don’t know if this gentleman is going to shoot into my house again,” Hall told the Free Press. “We don’t feel safe. I don’t feel safe in my own home. I can’t go to my house and feel comforted.”

Eddie and Candace Hall are both veterans who met during their time in the army. They live in their home with their son and teenage daughter who is currently a senior in high school. Their daughter was home at the time when the first shots were fired


Despite these horrific incidents, the family has no intention of taking down the Black Lives Matter sign from their home. In a Facebook post that included pictures of the incident the family wrote: “This will not take us out!!!!!! We are more than conquerors. WE ARE TITHE PAYING, SAVED CHILDREN OF GOD. This too will pass. I am yet praying for those individuals who walk in hate, I walk by faith and I trust God. #StillBLM #stillblessedbeyondmeasure”.

During a news conference on Thursday, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts labeled the incident a racially motivated “terrorist attack.”


“This is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our city,” Fouts said. The Warren City Council issued a statement on Thursday, condemning the perpetrators actions. “We are truly distressed such behavior would be perpetrated against any member of our community,” the statement partially read.

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