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Mich. Bill Seeks to Prevent Undercover Cops From Having Sex With Prostitutes


Up until last Tuesday, Michigan was the only state that granted undercover cops immunity from prosecution for having sex with prostitutes during an investigation. But now, under a recent bill that passed a Senate committee, they would have stiff consequences to face.


Bill S.B. 275, proposed by state Sen. Judy Emmons (R-Sheridan) in an effort to fight sex trafficking, would ensure that undercover cops would also face prosecution if they engaged in sex with the prostitutes they were investigating.

“This is as succinctly written as anyone could make it. It eliminates the opportunity for those in undercover law enforcement to engage in sexual intercourse with someone they’re investigating,” said Emmons. “We have the dubious distinction of being the last state in the nation to have this law in our books.” Hawaii got rid of the law providing such immunity in 2014.


Although Emmons stated there was no evidence that such conduct among undercover officers was happening, she wanted to make sure the exemption ended.

The bill now moves to the full Senate.

Read more at the Lansing State Journal.

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wtf. why would cops need to be having sex with prostitutes to do their job?