Michelle Obama's Garden Book: Part of a Campaign to Bully Fat Kids?

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

The first lady is going to become an author. She's writing a book about the White House garden and the benefits of healthy eating.

The book will complement her Let's Move Campaign, since the garden has served as the backdrop of her efforts through the program to curb childhood obesity and encourage healthier eating habits.

But columnist Paul Campos says Let's Move is just "a particularly invidious form of bullying" that's not really about health. Instead, he accuses Michelle of sending a message through the program that "the way to stop the bullying of fat kids is to get rid of fat kids."


Bullying? By encouraging people to eat fresh food and participate in fun physical activity? How did we get there? You can critique the proper role of government on the issue of childhood obesity and the science behind the Let's Move campaign (as Campos does) without forcing a connection to a totally unrelated issue facing American kids. Bullying is mean-spirited and can have devastating consequences. Talking (or writing) about eating fresh vegetables or jumping rope to stay healthy: not so much.

The book on the White House garden will be available sometime next year.

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