Michelle Obama: Why Her Presence at the White House Matters

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Citing her poise, grace, intelligence and accomplishments, Clutch magazine's Zettler Clay says that first lady Michelle Obama's presence at the Oval Office may be more impactful than that of her husband.

When it's all said and done, Michelle Obama's presence in the Oval Office may rival her husband's. To me, right now, she surpasses him.

Many remember that day in 2008, when the country elevated the first son of an African man into the top seat. Emotional. Overdue. Progressive signs on the horizon. At the moment of acceptance, the newly-elected Commander-in-Chief beamed next to two brown children hand-in-hand, bookended by a tall dark-skinned woman clad in black-and-red.

Four and a half years later, Michelle LaVaughn Obama's essence rings loud and true in its own right.

Her "Let's Move" campaign is on a mission to bring physical education back to schools (only six states currently require P.E. in all grades). Her colorful sartorial selections — ranging from J. Crew to Jason Wu — clash with the muted-hued threads former first ladies embraced. She comfortably rocks bangs. She is seen paling around in dirt, dancing with children and shuttling her two girls back and forth.

The cameras can't get enough of her. Or she can't get enough of the camera, charges critics, who feel she overexposes herself unlike her first lady predecessors. She clamors for the spotlight. Her clothing is dreadful. Detractors also like to mention her butt. Shamelessly.


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