Michelle Obama Uses Hip-Hop to Fight Obesity

Michelle Obama (YouTube)
Michelle Obama (YouTube)

Partnership for a Healthy America, a nonprofit affiliated with Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign, is launching a hip-hop album, Songs for a Healthier America, complete with music videos, to help fight obesity at schools across the country, according to U.S. News & World Report.


The first lady — along with rapper Doug E. Fresh, singer-songwriter Jordin Sparks and TV personality Dr. Oz — appears in a video for one of the singles, "Everybody."

The full album, which includes songs with names like "Veggie Luv," by Monifah and J Rome, "Hip Hop LEAN," by Artie Green, and "Give Myself a Try," by Ryan Beatty, will be released on Sept. 30.

Let's Move! Executive Director and White House assistant chef Sam Kass says the White House is fully behind the initiative to use hip-hop — and other genres of music — as a tool to get kids to live healthier lives.

"Cultural leaders and visionaries in our country can give these messages to kids in a way that's not preachy. Kids are going to be dancing and listening to the music," he says. "I think hip-hop in particular — so many kids love hip-hop. It's such a core part of our culture … and particularly in the African-American community and the Latino community which is being disproportionately affected by those health issues."


Watch the video here:

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