First lady Michelle Obama (Brendan Swialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

First lady Michelle Obama is a known advocate for healthy living.

Now she's tackling another issue: gun violence. The Associated Press reports that she met with high school students from a gang-infested neighborhood in Chicago to talk about Congress' gun control debate.

As a mother raising children herself, Obama says that part of the debate is America's duty to help young people, like the ones she met, become responsible adults.

Aides say the first lady isn't making gun violence a new and distinct issue, but is folding it into her work encouraging youth to focus on getting an education.

By reaching beyond the pair of relatively safe issues she has pushed โ€” reducing childhood obesity and rallying public support for military families โ€” the Harvard-trained lawyer who some say has played it safe is showing a willingness to step outside of her comfort zone.

She'll need to tread carefully, though. Americans tend to prefer that their first ladies leave the heavier policy lifting to the president.


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