First lady Michelle Obama 

Imitation is the highest praise, and comedian Will Ferrell was certainly flattered by the attention one of his videos garnered from the first lady, Michelle Obama.

According to Ferrell, while he was attending a White House Christmas party, the first lady complimented one of the Internet videos he shot with director and screenwriter Adam McKay, The Hill reports.


 “We got to sit next to the first lady, and she said, ‘I just have to tell you … this ‘Landlord’ video, oh my gosh. I love that thing,’ ” he told a crowd at the Newseum on Tuesday, where he was supporting an exhibit for his 2004 Anchorman movie.

Then, he said, the first lady imitated a scene in which McKay’s 2-year-old daughter tries to collect rent.

“So, she’s sitting with her staff, watching ‘The Landlord,’ and I think she literally said, ‘Bitch, where's my money?’” Ferrell said. “Michelle Obama quoting my movie.”

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