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Children looking out the window and waiting by the Christmas tree weren't the only ones tracking Santa Claus on Saturday night. First lady Michelle Obama was doing the same.

Answering an astounding 102,000 calls, the Santa trackers at NORAD, assisted by Michelle Obama, helped shatter a 56-year-old record of 80,000 calls.


"It is wonderful to be part of this holiday tradition. I love answering calls from children who were anxious to learn where Santa was and when he would arrive at their home," the first lady said in a statement.

"I passed on to each child the current location of Santa and reminded them that he would come to their house only after they were in bed sleeping,” she told the Associated Press.

Many of the kids didn't seem to recognize the first lady's voice, said Lt. Cmdr. Bill Lewis of the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.

"They all just asked run-of-the-mill stuff. They wanted to know about Santa."

The NORAD users also submitted questions through Facebook and Twitter.

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