Michelle Obama and Former First Ladies Gather for Betty Ford Funeral

First lady Michelle Obama will travel to Betty Ford's funeral. (Getty)
First lady Michelle Obama will travel to Betty Ford's funeral. (Getty)

Jeff Wilson of the Associated Press is reporting that Michelle Obama and three former first ladies are among dignitaries heading to Palm Desert, Calif., to pay tribute to Betty Ford at a funeral focusing on her twin passions: politics and her world famous Betty Ford Center for substance abuse and alcohol treatment.

Mrs. Ford, who died at the age of 93 on Friday, had mapped out plans for Tuesday's ceremony, including who would deliver her eulogies. She chose former first lady Rosalynn Carter and journalist Cokie Roberts as speakers, along with a former director of the Betty Ford Center.

Mrs. Obama, Nancy Reagan and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, said they would be there. And the former first lady of California, Maria Schriver, also planned to attend. A spokesman for former President George W. Bush said that he will be attending the California service and will convey condolences on behalf of his wife, Laura, who cannot attend.


A second funeral will be held Thursday in Grand Rapids, Mich., where Gerald Ford is buried at his presidential museum. Former first lady Barbara Bush is expected to attend that event.

Speakers are expected to discuss politics, the White House and Mrs. Ford's impact on substance and alcohol abuse treatment.

RIP to a woman who changed her life and the lives of many others in the process.

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