Michael Jackson Is BACK!


Michael Jackson just announced plans to do a series of concert dates in London, and I doubt it's for love of the music, but I'm not mad at him. If I could pop and lock my way out of  the red, I'd do it in a heartbeat. The hard truth of this revelation is that he needs the money. I don't know what kind of side-hustle he could pull off, and times being what they are, job options for a guy like him must be limited. Prince tours pretty steadily but if he fell on hard times, you get a sense he could find work selling unmentionables  –  what’s the job market look like for the King Of Pop? I couldn’t see him in one of those FYE smocks, and he’s too scary to be a mailroom clerk, boogaloo-ing through the halls like that one guy from Office Max, just a thousand times scarier. From where he’s sitting, I guess the practical thing seems to be to get back to what he knows best so he can generate some loot and get himself out of hock.

Not for nothing  and all jokes aside, it’s worth pointing out that despite the many media crack-ups and allegations, Michael Jackson can probably draw the numbers to float a tour. There's rumors afoot that he'll introduce new material and follow up the concert series with an album, which make sense.  Stiil, I wonder if he's up to to the rigors of a concert series or an entire tour. Also, he's known for charging alot of bread for concert tickets. What would you pay to see Michael Jackson?


He hasn't released a record in 8 years, but could Michael Jackson make a comeback? If anyone can make it happen, he can.

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