The Brown family’s attorney Benjamin L. Crump speaks to the media along with Lesley McSpadden (left) and Michael Brown Sr. (right) during a press conference outside the St. Louis County Court Building April 23, 2015, in Clayton, Mo.
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“A waste of space.”

These are the words Lesley McSpadden used in an interview with Al-Jazeera America to describe former Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot her unarmed son, Michael Brown, to death last August, the New York Daily News reports.


“The devil. That’s what comes to mind,” the still-grieving mother said of her son’s killer.

McSpadden was responding to comments Wilson made in an extensive profile with the New Yorker, the news site notes, in which he questioned Brown’s upbringing before saying that he didn’t give much thought to who the teen was as a person.


“What he’s talking about, he has no idea about my life at all,” McSpadden said during the interview, which is set to air Wednesday. “He had no idea what he was taking away when he did that to my son.

“All I can say is vengeance is God’s, and I hope he has mercy on his soul,” she added.


McSpadden also discussed Wilson’s dismissal of Ferguson’s young people, who, he said, share a “pregang culture, where you are just running in the streets—not worried about working in the morning and not feeling compelled to get a job.”

“He can’t hurt me with his words,” McSpadden said. “What he did last year hurt me really bad, so his words mean nothing to me. He wouldn’t even admit what he did was wrong. He wouldn’t admit he had no reason to do what he did. He’s cold and malicious. I’ll never forgive him.”


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