Michael B. Jordan on the Cover of Essence Is Just the Christmas-in-June Blessing We Need

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I first became familiar with actor Michael B. Jordan while he was a cast member on HBO’s The Wire. Wallace. The young kid we loved and rooted for because we just knew he did not belong in the low-rises, selling drugs with the likes of Bodie and Poot while taking care of an abandoned apartment’s worth of young children.


He was just a kid then, and I paid more attention to his skills as a character actor than I did to him. He wasn’t a blip on the radar. When he showed up on All My Children later on, I was just like, “Oh, that’s Wallace from The Wire.”

So maybe it was Fruitvale Station that made me notice he was actually a handsome young man. Or it could have been Creed, when we were treated to more views of his chiseled, sexy body.

Whatever it was, I know I am not alone in looking at him lustily and saying, “Damn. Wallace glowed the fuck up.”

Well, Wallace is taking that glow up to the June cover of Essence magazine. The Fahrenheit 451 star shows off those fabulous abs, bedroom eyes and kissable lips in a smoking-hot cover look that will definitely have all the women drooling.


Essence showed off his cover in a post on Instagram, and not one to be outdone, Jordan made his own IG post about the cover with the caption, “S/O to the baby oil lady! She did her thang on this one 😂. Honored to grace the cover of @essence for the 2nd time this year. Issue hits stands 5/25.”


I would say “Zamn zaddy,” but if I had been fast in high school, I could have been his teenage mom, so I will relax and instead let you all hop in the comments to talk about how yummy this man looks.

Shoutout to you, Michael B. Jordan.

You are so damn hot.

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**furiously rubs baby oil all over myself**

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