Mich. Woman Shot Up McDonald’s Drive-Thru After Botched Bacon Order

Shaneka Torres 
Kent County Jail
Shaneka Torres 
Kent County Jail

A Michigan jury found Shaneka Torres guilty of shooting up a McDonald’s drive-thru window because employees at the fast-food chain twice forgot to add bacon to her cheeseburger order, the New York Daily News reports.


Both encounters happened on the same day in February 2014, when Torres placed an order for a cheeseburger with bacon. After complaining about how the bacon was left out, Torres was promised that she would get the cheeseburger for free the next time she placed an order with the restaurant.

When Torres returned a few hours later to take advantage of her freebie, she ordered another cheeseburger with bacon, and once again the bacon was left off the burger. According to news reports, that’s when Torres became irate and told the employee working the drive-thru window: “Bitch, you don’t know who you’re talking to.” Torres then pulled a handgun out of her purse and fired a round into the window, the Daily News reports.

Fortunately, the employee at the window was picking up another burger and was not hit by the bullet, which ended up shattering the window’s glass.

Torres’ sentencing is set for April 21. According to MLive, she faces at least seven years in prison on felony gun charges.

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