Mich. State Senator Confronts Ex-Wife Naked, Opens Fire on Vehicle: Report

Michigan state Sen. Virgil Smith 
WXYZ-TV Detroit 
Michigan state Sen. Virgil Smith 
WXYZ-TV Detroit 

A Michigan state senator was arrested after allegedly confronting his ex-wife in the nude and then opening firing at the ex’s car with an automatic weapon, the Detroit News reports.


State Sen. Virgil Smith claimed that his ex-wife instigated the argument, barging into his home and attacking his girlfriend, before he drew his automatic rifle and fired at the ex-wife’s car, according to a police report seen by the news site. Smith called the shooting “the most stupid thing [he has done] in his life,” according to the report.

Smith told officers that his ex-wife began banging on a bedroom window around 1 a.m. She then forced her way into the home and went into Smith’s bedroom, where she found another woman in the bed, the News reports. Smith claimed that his ex-wife tried to attack the other woman but that he grabbed her and they fell backward, knocking over a TV. Smith admits to forcibly removing his ex from his home, according to the report, before going back to check on the other woman. When he went back to the front door, he allegedly saw his ex throwing a chair at his home’s windows. It was then, Smith said, that he fired the shots.  

The ex has another version of the story. According to the woman, who was not named, Smith invited her to spend the night at his house, but when she arrived, she was “met by a naked [Smith] and an [unknown] female,” prompting her to become angry and instigating a verbal argument.

“At some point during the argument, [Smith] grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved her face-first into the carpet. Victim stood up and was struck by [Smith] 4-5 [times] in the face with closed fist causing cheeks on both sides of her face to swell,” according to the report.

The ex attempted to flee, at which point, she claims, Smith chased her with “an [unknown] type long gun and followed behind. She observed muzzle flash [three times] as suspect began firing at her,” the report continued.

Multiple holes, suspected to be caused by bullets, were found, mostly on the driver’s side of the vehicle, the Detroit News reports.

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