Mich. Boy in Wheelchair Suffers Broken Leg After Being Bullied, Beaten at School

Jordan, a ninth-grader at Airport High School in Carleton, Mich., was out of surgery and recovering after getting into a fight at his school April 26, 2016.
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A Michigan mom is outraged that her son was suspended from school after being involved in a fight with a fellow student that left the boy, who suffers from bone disease, with a broken leg, WJBK reports

"The situation was handled appropriately by the high school administration and school liaison officer in accordance with the Airport High School student handbook. Specific information regarding student discipline is confidential," the school said in a statement. 


"I feel awful. He's in a public school going to get an education," White said. "He's in a wheelchair; he has so many obstacles and hurdles in his life."

When White got the call that her son, Jordan, had been suspended and his leg broken, she was understandably upset. Jordan has a brittle-bone condition that leaves him vulnerable to injury and unable to walk. Jordan had to be taken to Detroit Children's Hospital of Michigan to have surgery on his leg Tuesday afternoon. 

"He broke my son's femur in half and it has a pin in it—so the pin is mangled," White said of the other student.

White said that the situation stemmed from cyberbullying, in which Jordan was the target of racial slurs and other mean comments about his condition. 


"My son said he felt scared and threatened, so he swung," White said. "When he swung, he swung, and the whole wheelchair went over."

Both Jordan and the other student ended up being suspended for five days. The school has stood by its decision. 


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