Mia Love 'Not Surprised' by Racist Mail

Fox News
Fox News

She's black, a Republican, Mormon, from Utah, in an interracial marriage and running for Congress. It's safe to say that Saratoga Springs, Utah, Mayor Mia Love has probably been the subject of a few hateful attacks before, so her measured reaction to racist materials sent to her office ("Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? Absolutely ) is what we'd expect.


If she wasted any more energy than that analyzing "disturbing" things said about her race, relationship or politics, she probably wouldn't be the rising GOP star that she is. From Politico:

A packet of information sent to Mayor Mia Love's office that city officials described as racist launched a police investigation Tuesday.

City Manager Mark Christensen described the contents of the thick envelope as "disturbing" and "pretty creepy stuff." He said it included a picture of Love and her husband, Jason, and a hooded Ku Klux Klan character. There also were pictures of aborted fetuses, he said.

"I couldn't tell if it was threatening or anything. It kind of shocked me, what I saw," he said.

Christensen said the city has received others mailings aimed at Love but nothing like the one that arrived Tuesday. He said he turned it over to the police department.

"Oh, you know, it's just to be expected," said Love, speaking Wednesday night on Fox News's "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren." "Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? Absolutely."

Love, the mayor of Saratoga Springs, would be the first black woman Republican elected to Congress if she wins her race against incumbent Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson. An internal Love poll, generating chatter in the conservative blogosphere and beyond, has her up by 51 to 36 percent.

Read more at Politico.

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