MHP: Romney Used NAACP as a Prop

On her MSNBC show Sunday, Melissa Harris-Perry gave her analysis of Mitt Romney's remarks at last week's NAACP convention. First the host gave credit where credit was due: He showed up, demonstrating "understanding that he's running to become president of all the people, not just the ones who like him," and he addressed the black audience "like actual human beings who speak English, instead of walking stereotypes who speak 1990s hip-hop slang." (Here, we have to warn you about the almost-impossible-to-watch infamous "Who let the dogs out?" and "What's happening? You got some bling-bling there" Romney clips she displayed for the sake of comparison.) She also gave him credit for avoiding a flip-flop moment and telling the truth about what he'd do about "Obamacare," but that's where the praise ended.

Harris-Perry's assessment, based in part on comments to supporters after the event, is that what Romney really came for was the sound bite of the black audience booing him. "Mitt Romney didn't come to the NAACP to break bread or extend an olive branch," she said. "He came for a morsel of red meat to feed to his base."


Watch the segment here.

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