Memphis, Tenn., Dance Coach Arrested for Exposing Student to HIV

Angela Bronner Helm
John Conner III
WREG Screenshot

A Memphis, Tenn., dance coach has been arrested after police allege he had sex with a minor while knowingly having HIV.

John Conner III, 27, was arrested and charged with charged with criminal exposure to HIV, soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor and statutory rape by an authority figure.

WREG reports that last year Conner and the 16-year-old victim had unprotected sex, but Conner did not tell the victim he was HIV-positive.

The two had unprotected sex several times in the suspect’s car and also sent each other sexually suggestive texts and nude photos.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Conner was diagnosed with HIV in 2012.

Conner was arrested Friday and is being held on $100,000 bail. Police said that he is due in court on Monday.


Read more at WREG and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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