Melissa Harris-Perry Has Some Tough Questions for Santa

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Melissa Harris-Perry
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for GLAAD

Melissa Harris-Perry has some tough questions for the bearded man from the North Pole.

"I know it’s a busy time of year, but we need to settle a little debate that’s emerged in American media asking, 'Are you white? Are you black? When you come in from the North Pole, do you have a legal visa or are you undocumented?' " Harris-Perry asked on her MSNBC show, reports. The interrogation of one of the nation's most beloved figures comes after Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly declared the fat jolly man to be unequivocally white.


But Harris-Perry didn't stop there. She figured since she had Saint Nick's attention she would get answers to some other questions that had been troubling her.

"Can you find a kid if he lives in an apartment building, not a house, without a chimney? Can you find her in a homeless shelter? Why do you leave so many more gifts under the big trees in the wealthy neighborhood and so few under the trees in the poor communities?"

Perry said that, in her family, it was important that children see depictions of figures that reminded them of themselves.

"If we cannot imagine you as racially different from ourselves, it’s because our minds are stunted by a history that still can’t fathom benevolence, and kindness, and intimacy in the bodies of those who are not like us,” Harris-Perry asserted. “If we still doubt that you can embody every possibility of racial being, it is because we do not yet believe that every racial body is capable of making our sugarplum dreams come true.”


“If we can’t imagine Santa across the racial divide, no wonder we have trouble creating an America without a racial divide."


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