Melania Trump Hates Her Husband and She’s Becoming Our Spirit Animal

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Melania Trump is becoming the other America’s spirit animal, and by “other America,” I mean the America with a full set of teeth that doesn’t own a pickup truck or believe that the Confederate flag is a symbol of America’s pride. You know, the America that didn’t vote for this dirtbag. It appears not only that she doesn’t love her husband but also that she openly rejects his attempts at loving gestures, and it’s awesome.

The miserable first couple arrived in Israel, and Trump moved his hand back to find his wife, and Melania literally swatted that shit away.

I’ve worked in the forensic unit of “Women don’t fuck with you like that.” I slowed the video down to truly read the reaction, and let me assure you that this wasn’t just a missed hand grab; this was a full wrist rotation so that Trump couldn’t find her hand. Also notice that neither of them attempted to try to reattach. Neither of them reached for each other because they know what it is. She hates his ass, and he knows it.


This isn’t the first time she’s hit him with the don’t-touch-me move. In fact, one YouTuber compiled a whole video of awkward moments between the Trumps because Melania, much like the rest of America, hates his ass.

Does any of this absolve Melania? Hell no. She’s as much to blame as the rest of the deplorable Trumps, but at least she openly hates him, and that’s awesome.

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I just came here to say that my President Barack loves Michelle so much. He can’t keep his hands off of her. In that one clip, he eyes her up and down before kissing her hand! He LOVES his woman.