Megan Thee Stallion Tears Up Talking About Beyoncé...and Honestly, Same

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Twitter was in shambles on Wednesday after the rumored remix of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” featuring the one and only Beyoncé officially dropped. During Bey’s two fire verses (because she raps better than a lot of your faves), she makes references to TikTok, OnlyFans, her mother Tina Knowles-Lawson, and of course, Houston, where she and the rapper were born and bred. An ever-present help in times of trouble, Beyoncé always provides, and we are grateful.


In an Instagram Live session shortly after the song dropped, Megan Thee Stallion dished about how it felt to meet Queen Bey for the first time. It was special for a few reasons, as one would expect, but she explained how she and her mother Holly, who passed away last March from a brain tumor, were fans.

“I really just can’t believe that shit, like I really couldn’t believe it,” Megan says while wiping her tears on Live. “It’s really crazy ‘cause, like, my mama was a really huge fan of Beyoncé, and she used to make me watch a lot of Beyoncé’s stuff...I didn’t wanna be like, ‘Oh my God, Beyoncé, me and my mama love you!’”

She then discussed that for her—an artist who has only been mainstream for two years—to have a song featuring Beyoncé is “really crazy.” She also said that when her fans told her she would eventually have Bey on her song, she jokingly told them to “shut the fuck up.”

“I feel like [the remix is] a really big thing for the city, it’s a really big thing for the Southside,” she continues. “Which bitch you know from Houston, Texas, from the motherfuckin’ Southside really doin’ shit like that?” We’ll tell you, Meg, no one is doin’ shit like you right now.

Beyoncé really has the power to reduce some women to tears. Earlier this week, the Lemonade artist shouted out musician, flutist and fellow Houstonian Lizzo for her birthday, which resulted in, you guessed it, crying.


“Beyoncé wished me happy birthday,” she said in a video of her tearing up. “Beyoncé wished me happy birthday on her website. She knows it’s my birthday...She knows. She knows I exist.”

Pronounced "Jay-nuh."