Meet the 1st Black Brewers of Georgia

Chris Reeves and William Allen Moore of Down Home Brewery
Chris Reeves and William Allen Moore of Down Home Brewery
Screenshot: WXIA-TV

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a black-owned brewery.

Out of the 66 breweries in Georgia, only one is owned by black people: Down Home Brewing Co. Chris Reeves and William Allen Moore, the two men behind the brewery, started canning beer in March 2018 at BlueTarp, Georgia’s smallest production brewery, east of downtown Decatur.


The two spoke with WXIA-TV and expressed that starting this business was a challenge and that they haven’t quit their day jobs quite yet.

“It was fun seeing people’s reactions to it, saying, ‘Oh OK, this is cool.’ Then you see the backstory behind it and we tell our story with our families and how this comes from a place of family,” Moore, a Morehouse College of Medicine alum, said.

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Screenshot: WXIA-TV

Apparently, the only investors in the company are members of their families.

Down Home’s graphic icon is of Herschel Thompson, Reeves’ late grandfather, a church deacon and a Walton County sharecropper. Reeves explained that his grandfather wasn’t a drinker, but he was “a good God-fearing man. Loved God. And I learned a lot through him.”

The two hope to eventually open a stand-alone shop and leave their day jobs.

Montana Couser is a recent Howard University grad and Philly native.

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Man, those guys got 2 IPAs, but only one dark beer?

Come on, there are so many potential beer names you guys can use here.