Md. Teacher Who Allegedly Made Racist Remark Left Bloody by Student

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
A teacher (pictured) was left bloody after a student punched him for what he believed was a racist remark made by the instructor.
NBC Washington Screenshot

A Maryland high school teacher was punched and had to be hospitalized last week after witnesses claimed he made a racially insensitive remark, according to NBC Washington. According to the news station, the unnamed teacher at Forestville High School was assaulted Jan. 29 after a male student misinterpreted a comment the instructor made during class.

The Prince George's County school system declined to state what the teacher said or what the student believed he heard, because of an ongoing investigation into the incident.


"If the comment was made that I was told was made, I can understand the pain and the anger in that student," parent Cynthia Leslie told the news station.

The news station notes that the teacher was injured and added that the student would be disciplined. There was no word on whether the student would be criminally charged.  

Read more at NBC Washington.  

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