McDonald’s Mom Who Left Child in Park Has Personal Info Leaked by Local News

Support Debra Harrell via Facebook
Support Debra Harrell via Facebook

For Debra Harrell, the South Carolina mother arrested in June for letting her daughter play in a park alone, the ordeal is not over. Local ABC affiliate WJBF News Channel 6 obtained and posted Harrell's police interrogation video and personal information, including her Social Security number.

In the video, Harrell can be heard answering the police officer's questions regarding the reasons she left her daughter in the park. From Jezebel:

Harrell said, "She was meeting her friends in the park this morning. They were supposed to all met up there today and left the park and went back to their house. So, I guess they didn't come or anything, but she was supposed to be with her friend."

Sergeant asked, "Did you drop her off at the park?"

Harrell said, "Yes at 9 o'clock."

Sergeant asked, "Was her friend there at the time?"

Harrell replied, "No. She said she was on her way."

Harrell then explains her friend told her to just leave her daughter at the park and she would pick her up. Saying they do it all the time.

Sergeant asked, "So you leave her at the park unsupervised?"

"Yeah, but I thought, you know, everybody's there. You know, I didn't feel like that I needed to be up there, sitting up there with her," Harrell replied.


As if that weren't enough, the original posting of the video was an unedited version that included Harrell's personal information, Jezebel reports. The video has since been redacted, but Harrell's information was public for at least an hour.

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