It's so outrageous that it seems like a bad joke about racism, but it's real: A restaurant employee who is accused of referring to an African-American customer on his receipts as "Mc Stinkyn—ger" and "Mc Nigsh—" has embarrassed himself, lost his job and cost his former employer what we can only guess is a large sum of money.

That's right, "Mc Stinkyn—gr" and "McNigsh—." You can see photocopies of the receipts here.


The Landmark Restaurant in California's Orange County has reportedly settled a federal suit with Mark McHenry, the black businessman who said the company referred to him with racial epithets on his credit card receipts where his name should have been.

In the suit, McHenry says he was a regular customer of the restaurant. When he went home after one visit, he said, he looked at his receipts and found slurs.


The case was supposed to go to a jury next month. The terms of the settlement were not made public.

Last year the restaurant's owner said that an employee was fired after the incident. "It's not something we condone or foster in any way," he said of the claims of racism. "I don't know how this could have happened. He says he "would have resolved this situation immediately" if he'd known about it. We would certainly hope so. 

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