Let’s skip over her belief that—unlike Condoleezza Rice—discussing the existence of inequality will cause most of us weak-ass negroes to curl up in a ball and give up on achieving success. Although there is no logic or proof for this meritless, completely asinine argument, the idea that knowing about systemic racism will cause Black children to lose all motivation has become a standard talking point for Condi’s conservative ilk.


Since we have repeatedly explained that K-12 schools don’t actually teach CRT, let’s get to the meat of her argument: that contextualizing America’s long history of inequality and structural racism will make white children feel bad.

Why shouldn’t white children feel bad?

Even though white children are now the minority of America’s school-age population, most white children attend majority-white schools that are better funded than the schools attended by Black kids. White students have access to better school libraries, a more advanced curriculum and even better food than non-white students.


If they knew about these disparities, they would have to conclude that they benefit from them, which might make them feel bad. But it also might make the next generation of children work to eliminate this structural discrimination. A person can only fix a problem if they know the problem exists, and educating children on America’s history of systemic racism is the only way to fix it. Therefore, not teaching them the history of why this inequality exists actually why these disparities still exist!

Maybe we should make white people feel bad.

This is not a theory; history is rife with examples of how making people feel bad actually starts the process of fixing problems. Seeing cops in Birmingham spray Black children with firehoses made white people feel bad. We passed the Voting Rights Act after people felt bad about Alabama state troopers cracking the skulls of nonviolent protesters marching over the Edmund Pettus Bridge. White people felt so bad about children being locked in cages that the anti-immigrant Trump administration changed its family separation policy. White people felt so bad when they saw Derek Chauvin kneel on George Floyd’s neck that they took to the streets last summer.


In fact, white people feeling bad is commonly used to spark change. White people felt bad about Vietnam, so we ended the war without a victory. Even though more white people used and sold crack, white people feeling bad about it somehow made authorities target Black people. White people feeling bad about 9/11 is why we have to take off our shoes at the airport. The “economic anxiety” that got Donald Trump elected is just a euphemism for white people feeling bad. One hundred eighty-nine million people in the U.S. are vaccinated because they don’t want to feel bad. You know what else feels bad?


Knowing your Black newborn is three times more likely to die if they have a white doctor feels bad. Sending a child to a school in a majority-Black, middle-class neighborhood that gets less funding than the poorest, majority-white school feels bad. Knowing your kid is six times more likely to be shot by a police officer feels bad. It feels bad knowing your home would be worth $48,000 more if it was in a majority-white neighborhood that has the same amenities and resources as your Black neighborhood. I’d guess that Black women feel bad knowing they have to work 19 months to earn the yearly salary of a white man with the same education and experience. Trust me, the reality of racism feels bad as fuck.


But, apparently, not as bad as white people feel when they have to hear about all that Black stuff.

Imagine if your doctor didn’t inform you that you had cancer because he didn’t want to upset you. Somehow, racism is the only issue on the entire landscape of American problems that we think we can fix by not talking about it. Even those who don’t believe in climate change are more than willing to talk about it. Politicians on both sides are more than willing to shout their opinions about gun control vs. the right to bear arms. We can openly debate taxing the rich, terrorism and sexual misconduct, even though it might make predatory capitalists, predator drone manufacturers and sexual predators feel bad. Yet, when it comes to race, we avoid the subject like the plague just so we can spare white people’s feelings.


And I’m not saying that all white people be lying.

Some of them are just dumb.

America loves Social Security, Medicare, farm subsidies and the military but they hate “socialism” because they don’t know what the word means. They love to quote Martin Luther King but have no idea that most white people disapproved of him when he died. Forty-one percent of Americans believe something other than slavery caused the Civil War. Forty-six percent don’t know that the 13th Amendment is what ended slavery.


And the reason they don’t know these objective facts is that their teachers, their textbooks and America’s entire education system didn’t want white people to feel bad. They still don’t want white people to feel bad. And all these new anti-CRT laws are feeble attempts at ensuring that white people won’t feel bad in the future.

And that’s why Condoleezza Rice be lying.

Because she is American.