Masochist Rudy Giuliani Continues to Punch Himself in the Balls, Claims He Needed US Ambassador to Ukraine ‘Out of the Way’

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Rudy Giuliani continues to be the Scrappy-Doo to Trump’s Scooby. In a recent interview, the former mayor of New York City and the president’s personal lawyer admitted that in order to dig up dirt on Democrats, he needed to get the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine removed.


Luckily, Giuliani told this to a really small-time magazine so no one would read that he admitted to running Marie Yovanovitch from her post….

Genetta: Stephen, he said this in the goddamn New Yorker!


Umm. So yeah, Giuliani just straight-up admitted that he removed a career diplomat earlier this year so that she could stop interfering with his corrupt efforts to get possible info on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.


“I believed that I needed Yovanovitch out of the way,” Giuliani told reporter Adam Entous, CNN reports. “She was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody.”

And because Giuliani can’t stop fucking himself over, this was the first time that someone with access to the president openly linked “Yovanovitch’s removal to the desired investigations into Democrats,” according to CNN.

From CNN:

This past summer, Trump began to lean on Ukraine to initiate two criminal investigations that Giuliani had been both publicly and privately pressing: one into Biden’s son’s involvement with a Ukrainian gas company and another into alleged Democratic collusion with Ukrainians in the 2016 election. No evidence of any criminal wrongdoing in either case has been discovered.

Trump’s interest in those investigations culminated on the July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Trump mentioned both issues, asked Zelensky for a “favor” regarding them, and recommended the Ukrainian president speak to either Giuliani or Attorney General William Barr about those investigations.

A report on that call from a whistleblower in the intelligence community prompted the impeachment inquiry by the House of Representatives. After months of investigation, the House is moving forward with a vote on impeaching Trump this week.

One focus of the House investigation was the removal of Yovanovitch from her position as ambassador to Ukraine in May.


Until Giuliani’s admission, it had been speculated by many witnesses, including Yovanovitch herself, that she was recalled and then removed from her position because she was aware that Giuliani’s interest in the Bidens wasn’t pure, and as such, she became a thorn in his side. She has maintained that the White House initiated a smear campaign against her and that her removal from her post damaged her reputation.

Because Giuliani is a messy bitch that lives for drama, he openly admitted to the New York Times on Monday, “I may or may not have passed along the general gossip that the embassy was considered to be a kind of out-of-control politically partisan embassy, but that was, like, general gossip, I didn’t report that as fact.”


And, because Giuliani doesn’t give a fuck about America or the impeachment proceedings, he brazenly went back to Ukraine just last week.

Of course, Giuliani is on the “what I was saying was” tour in which he’s trying to Cha-Cha Slide all of his statements back. Just like his boss has been known to do, Giuliani has taken to Twitter to try and clear things up.


“He’s a great person who loves our country and he does this out of love, believe me,” Trump said about Giuliani. Don’t forget that Trump is currently in the running to beat the boy who cried wolf and Nkechi Amare Diallo for the biggest liar in American history.


“He does it out of love. He sees what goes on. He sees what’s happening. He sees all of the hoax[es] that happens when they talk about impeachment hoax or the Russian collusion delusion and he sees it.”

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