Maryland Teen Found Guilty of Raping Classmate in High School Hallway

Jocori Scarborough

Teen Jocori Scarborough was found guilty on Tuesday of raping a classmate in a hallway of Salisbury, Md.'s Parkside High School, Salisbury's Daily Times reports.

The 18-year-old was found guilty on all five counts: second-degree rape, false imprisonment, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and disturbing or threatening a student, the newspaper reports.

"She said no," Wicomico County Senior Assistant State's Attorney Karen Dean said in her closing statements. "She said no several times."

The defense fought back in its closing statements, saying that the case had several areas of reasonable doubt, even if the jury thought the young man was guilty. Defense attorney Eddie Gonzalez reportedly told the court that the victim did not cry during the incident and that she wasn't injured. Nor, Gonzales argued, did she report the assault to four school employees she came across after it happened.

"All you have to do is find one reasonable doubt," the lawyer said. "Beyond a reasonable doubt."

It took the jury all of an hour and a half to come to its decision.

Read more at USA Today.

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