Mary J. Blige: The Old Lady at the Club?


Hey Jada, thanks for sharing your thoughts on why Mary J. Blige is still "The One." But, at the risk of sounding like the resident TEWW hater, I must respectfully disagree. Now, I love Mary as much as the next chick and the song certainly rocked, but the R&B diva is indeed showing her age. It wasn't the Auto-Tune that did her in; it was the choreography.  

The music video would have done just fine had Mary been planted firmly in one of those futuristic club scenes, just belting out those Auto-Tune-tastic lyrics while young Drake bopped and bounced away. Alas, Mary chose to bounce along with Drizzy and wound up looking like his fun auntie instead of his musical counterpart.


Watching Ms. Mary J. writhe on that white couch was painfully awkward. I was having "Family Affair" flashbacks as I watched her stiff moves get upstaged by younger, more talented backup dancers. It was like watching Amy Poehler aka The Cool Mom on Mean Girls trying to shake her booty to "Jingle Bell Rock." Memo to Mary: Please kill the choreography to avoid looking like the old lady at the club!


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