Mark Hughes and his brother, Cory Hughes

The worst fear of Mark Hughes, the man who was wrongly identified as a shooting suspect in the Dallas rampage that left five officers dead, has come true.

According to a report by the New York Daily News, Hughes and his family were forced into hiding and then forced to run again after they say they were confronted again by an angry mob at a hotel where they were staying.


Hughes has been cleared of any involvement in the horrific attack in Dallas that left five police officers dead and several others injured. However, cops were not as robust about airing the fact that they had cleared him as they were when they spread his image across social media identifying him as a suspect and enlisting the public's help in finding him.

And now, apparently, the man is being hunted.

“Cory [Hughes, Mark Hughes' brother] went to the bathroom and noticed a group of white guys staring at him and they had pictures of his brother up on their phones,” the family attorney, S. Lee Merritt, told the Daily News. “He came back to me where we were eating and those same guys started taking positions around us by the exits. I got us up in a hurry and got out of there."


The family, according to Merritt, were so fearful that they were forced to leave the state of Texas.

In the immediate aftermath of the Dallas shooting, Mark and Cory Hughes took issue with the handling of Mark Hughes' image, which showed him at the march wearing a camouflage shirt and carrying a rifle strapped across his chest.


“I got death threats … people are talking about they want to kill us, because somebody that was irresponsible put my brother’s image out there, and we were here just for a peaceful protest,” Cory Hughes said.

“In hindsight 20-20, I could have easily been shot,” Mark Hughes added. “We received a phone call that my face was on there as a suspect, and immediately, I flagged down a police officer.”


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