Mark Hughes and his brother, Cory Hughes

Many of us saw his image everywhere.

He was wearing a camouflage shirt, a rifle strapped across his chest. The Dallas Police Department tweeted out his image, identifying him as "one of our suspects" and enlisting the public's help in finding him.


There was just one thing wrong.

That man, identified now as Mark Hughes, had nothing to do with the police shootings and was just participating in a peaceful protest against police brutality while demonstrating his right to legally bear arms.

Now Hughes and his brother, Cory Hughes, are outraged by the way Mark's image was handled.


“Y’all have my face on national news. Are y’all gonna come out and say that this young man had nothing to do with it?” Mark Hughes asked, referring to the police, during an interview with CBS DFW. “It was persecution on me, unrightly."

Mark Hughes was taken in for questioning and cleared without any charges, but the damage has been done.

"I got death threats … people are talking about they want to kill us, because somebody that was irresponsible put my brother's image out there, and we were here just for a peaceful protest," Cory Hughes said.


"In hindsight 20-20, I could have easily been shot," Mark Hughes added. "We received a phone call that my face was on there as a suspect, and immediately, I flagged down a police officer."

Cory Hughes said that they immediately turned over the weapon Mark had been carrying, and then were actually assisting police, helping to direct traffic and helping people get behind a building amid the sniper attack.

"What I'm bothered by is that my brother easily could have been killed because somebody that was irresponsible identified him as a suspect, not as a person of interest, but a suspect!" Cory Hughes added.


Mark Hughes said he was interrogated by police for 30 minutes and that officers were lying on him, saying that they had video of him shooting a gun and had witnesses saying he shot a gun, both of which he said were lies.

"At the end of the day, the system was trying to get me," Mark Hughes said.

Both brothers said that they were concerned about their safety in the aftermath of the wrongful identification.


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